Director's welcome
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Welcome to INRAD!

INRAD was established in 2012 with the functions of researching and training in public administration sector. The aim of INRAD in 2020 is becoming one of the top administration research centers in Vietnam.

We will try to create the special researchs with a high quality which will become the base for government agencies to make policies for Vietnam public administration.

Besides that, INRAD will build up the special training programs about public administration in order to provide the high quality human resource for Vietnam public administration.

In order to achieve all the goals above, Director will create a friendly and modern work environment at INRAD. The experts, teachers and administrative personnel staffs will be cared for their highest level of contribution. All the efforts of individual and collective will be recognized concerned. All the organizations and scientists from Vietnam or abroad are welcome for the cooperation in research and training at INRAD.

Especially, all the participants and students will have a morden enviroment for learning, working and research. We promise to provide contemporary knowledge and best practice on public management sector in developing countries for the development of the Vietnam public administration.

With a clear vision, reasonabl development strategy and the supports from experts, researchers, we believe that INRAD will reach the target and contribute to the development of Vietnam public administration.

 Dr. Trinh Ngoc Huy

Director of INRAD